Greater Dawn

  1. Waiting For Us
  2. The Call
  3. Let The Credits Roll
  4. It's A Choice
  5. So Much World Around Us
  6. Real Freedom

By A Great White Bird in 2014

Greater dawn is about illusion. Where did everything go? Is it the same, or is it virtually the same? That's what's new about it. But like the past few collections, it's also about the extension of meter and space: that instead of just looking closer, we can make the observed (and beloved) larger so that it surrounds us and we can kind of surf on it. Also like a lot of this music, it's devotional music to just things being pretty and also a lot of mourning of what and who has vanished, and all that is vanishing. Nothing isn't vanishing, in the end, so it's always nice to have musical reminders of that. What's too bad is that the relationship between the vanishing and appearing things hasn't been clarified. It's still so arbitrary. That's the only part of this that really pushes a high risk of betrayal to the listener... which is an awful, dirty thing that can happen.